Noir Stories

Have you ever looked at a boudoir shoot and thought to yourself that you could never do it? You’re not in shape enough or you’re awkward AF (hey peeps, me too!). What I want you to know is that you can absolutely do it and more than that, it’s going to make you feel empowered. Guys, girls, couples….take that leap of faith straight out of your comfort zone and see the amazing results that come from it.

For me, a Noir Story session isn’t just about looking sexy, it’s about expressing yourself however you want. There is no shame, no judgment, and no limits to your experience. I want it to be raw and honest, even if you’re in character.

A Noir Story session is a blank canvas and that’s what makes it so different. It can be dark and moody, it can be hauntingly beautiful, it can be full of passion and sensuality. Hell, it can tell a story of heartbreak. Whatever you want it to be, that’s all I care about! Boudoir is more than a selection of sexy photos; it tells a story, so let’s create yours together.

I am stoked to announce that I will be an educator at Camp Do More in 2020 talking about Noir Stories and the journey of telling your story in photographs. Attending Camp has been incredible, so I cannot express enough my excitement to be a speaker!

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