You guys, weddings are the best! Think about it, you’re about to plan one of the most important days of your life and it can be celebrated however YOU want! Really, however you want! I know you hear people say ‘do what you want, you’re the bride and groom’ but rarely do we actually do this. Sometimes we feel we have to have a wedding a ‘certain way’ or traditionally for our family but guys, they are there to celebrate your love. There is no right way to get married so have fun, be crazy and think outside of the box! You deserve to make your day perfect for you.

As a photographer, I’ll be there for you guys too. I’m all about capturing the real, authentic moments and instead of the traditional posed images. I want you to look at your photos years from now and say ‘hell yeah, that was awesome!’ and it to really represent you guys.

Your photos will be memories you can keep forever and pass down to your children…even if you’re like me and your ‘child’ is an oversized lapdog. They’ll love the snuggle while you flip through your images and re-live the good times.

On average people spend about $3900 on a wedding package with me but I have multiple options available and they can be tailored to fit your day!


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Sacred Heart Cathedral Wedding
okanagan wedding