Go ahead, do it.  You know you want to!

Do you look at boudoir as something you’ve always wanted to do but think ‘am I the kind of person that could even do this?!’ or ‘I’m not in shape, my body doesn’t look like that girls’? I used to think that too but trust me, you are sexy and you can do it! The amazing things that will happen in your life happen just beyond, or sometimes way over, your comfort zone.

For me, a boudoir session is not just a photo shoot or about looking pretty. Boudoir is about being bold and doing what you want to do. No shame, no judgment. If it makes you feel beautiful, then do it!

What is boudoir? Fierce, feminine, flirty, mysterious, badass…it’s whatever you want it to be and that’s what’s awesome about it! I love boudoir that is more than just a random selection of sexy images and more storytelling. Let’s create a short film featuring you or relationship with photographs! Let’s create something real, authentic and meaningful.

What does boudoir mean to you?

Book your own Boudoir Story for $895 plus taxes. Affordable payment plans are also available.


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